Jackson Randy Rhoads Bass

The Fitzgibbons RX10D Rhoads style functions an alder body; bolt-on walnut throat with a substance distance rosewood fingerboard (jumbo frets); and a Fitzgibbons double-locking tremolo link. Its Duncan Design clay humbuckers use clay heat and highly effective coils windings to provide great outcome with many meltdown and harmonics. Information consist of firefox components and Shark Fin throat inlays. Created in Asia.

yea i like the audio, it gives u a brittle overall tone and the other kind of like a jazzy overall tone, i really like it! But im preparing (near future) to modify them to EMG 81 (just the back collection, or bridge) but right now, it meets me, i have a short-term yamaha amp (i use it cuz i journey a lot, will never get a biggie until my loved ones members forms down), i run it thru my digitech different results style RP90, set some kickass overall tone.

Floyd increased tremolo, simple to do divebombs, harmonics etc. i had to set up the tremolo cafes rises tho, it wasn’t sailing. Its a discomfort in the ass trying to restring, i almost used the instrument.slender throat and thin, i have a fender and its more simpler to destroy on this jackson, the fender had a fat throat. even tho i don’t choose large frets, its still simpler to destroy.

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