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In 1980, the Ibanez Roadster Strats were changed by the Blazer sequence, originally very just like the Roadsters, with either three single-coil trucks or two humbuckers. In ’82 the Ibanez Sexy dresses transmogrified into the well-known Roadstar II range. These included more unique design variations to the primary Strat type, with squarer, a little bit connected cutaway horns. They ongoing to depend on either the three single-coil or two-humbucker collection templates. The Roadstar IIs and their child, the RS and RG instruments, all come directly out of the family tree of the Fender Stratocaster, although they easily became aspect of the associated SuperStrat tale, which we’ll talk about in a following article.

Similarly, organizations such as Aria also ongoing to suggest the Strat idea in customized type through the ’80s. After its preliminary run of Rev Audio RS instruments in the delayed ’70s, their edition of the Ibanez Artist sequence, Aria Pro II turned to a thin, a little bit structured Strat type, many with the common three-pickup structure, although the effective gadgets provided them a unique sound. These easily progressed into the inactive Enthusiast sequence that taken over the ’80s. Some of these presented a Strat settings, although, again, these Arias will be mentioned in the SuperStrat tale.