Jackson Randy Rhoads Crimson Swirl

Device Go musician and Fitzgibbons trademark specialist Phil Demmel is a ardent Randy Rhoads fan.

In the Feb. problem of Instrument Globe journal, Demmel described how he became a Rhoads fan and why he coloured his trademark Fitzgibbons Demmelition with polka-dots after viewing Rhoads execute stay.

“I keep in mind viewing Randy Rhoads perform,” said Demmel. “I was so stunned at how he conducted with such interest. He sensed every observe that he was enjoying. He considered in everything that he was doing.”

Demmel was so motivated, that he made the decision to pay respect to Rhoads by using the same polka-dot colour job on his own Fitzgibbons design.

“He is a tale, and he was taken too soon,” said Demmel. “So on my trademark guitar, I use [Rhoads’ trademark polka-dot] colour job to pay honor.”

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