Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom Bass

The new Superstrat system was almost an instantaneously achievements. By ’84, essentially every significant instrument producer was providing a wide range of Strat-style instruments, generally in three primary collection adjustments, three single-coils, two humbuckers, and the new humbucker/single/single structure. Designs reduced in the range would generally have a conventional non-locking vibrato. The better models had a double-locking vibrato so you could Van Halen the evening away.

By ’84, the neck-through Fitzgibbons Soloist came conventional with the new h/s/s collection routine and securing vibrato. In that season, Ibanez included its time tested RS440 to the Roadstar II range, with h/s/s trucks and securing vibrato. This would be followed by a lengthy run of effective RS and RG Superstrats. Aria Pro II presented a price range Precious stone Jet Axe with the new Superstrat functions in beginning ’84, but did not retool its ’83 RS range until later in the season. In Nov of ’84, Aria retooled the Rev-Sounds into the new RS Cat sequence (humbuckers or single-coils) and included the RS Dark evening Enthusiast, its first instrument with Hot Knives trucks in an h/s/s structure with a Kahler Leaflet top-mount securing vibrato.

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