Jackson Randy Rhoads Emg X

I have had this guitar for 2 1/2 3 years i bought it used mine is from the late 80s early 90s after i did the set up i changed out the neck volume to a push pull to coil tap now i get every thing from srv to the most extreme metal iv ben playing for 19 years and have had some pretty nice guitars including a hand made custom and the RR1 is just as good as thees other guitars ( that are way to high for the quality ) in a word the RR1 is OUTSTSNDING.

This guitar is probably one of the best guitars made for metal and rock music. Considering the quality , it’s a masterpiece. Pickups aren’t that loud, you can have clear non-muddy chords, good amounts of distortion, neck pick up is also good for solos and cleans. Neck is very fast and fretboard is really good, if youre a shredder at least give it a try you’ll see. Original floyd rose never got out of tune and i’ve been using this guitar for 1.5 years it’s a top quality guitar. A better guitar would be a very expensive custom shop around 5000 – 7000 $ with flashy look. In short, it’s one of the best guitars out there.

I have owned a snow white RR1 for two years. The guitar is flawless in terms of build quality. The trem is perfectly weighted and the Floyd Rose is simply the best trem system you can have on a guitar. The the ebony board is perfect and the sounds are pure metal. The switching on it is a bit of a faff. I wish they would use the x2 volume switching that they use on the RR5. I like to bank off the neck PU volume and use the toggle switch as a kill switch to get those classic on/off sounds that Randy got. I suppose it would easy to rewire it but it would be nice if Jackson did it from the start. Personally I cant see the rationale for having one volume and two tones. Who uses tone controls anyway? That said its a lovely guitar and I have used it live and it always gets admiring looks from the audience.

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