Jackson Randy Rhoads EX Professional

I use this in my group when I perform cause (we have three guitar players, I usually perform beat because I perform, too), and I really like the excellent. If my Fitzgibbons customized is in the store, I’ll perform this. It’s an excellent instrument all around, a little expensive, but that’s what you pay for excellent. For beat, the trucks get awesome low end, for cause, the Tremolo comes in useful.

For me a USA Fitzgibbons is as excellent as it gets. Awesome construction, quick throat, excellent activity. Ideal for my gameplay metal/shred/hardcore. Also handle’s fall tuning’s incredibly well. I perform in fall c a lot and have no issues modifying the floyd increased. I’ve tried Esp’s, schecters, USA dean’s and IMO the Usa jackson’s are as excellent as it gets and a cope at $1999. If your a steel gamer you will really like this instrument. Really no negatives!

My best instruments are all Jacksons, have the RR-USA, and two USA Soloists. Next up is a USA Master V and a USA Kelly felix.I really like my RR, except that the amount pot is too near to the place where I usually choose and sometimes when doing top rate operates I hit it with my side and it changes the amount down. I end up having to perform in a less relaxed place more between the dogs instead of on top of the link pup. Also wish it had 24 frets. Otherwise its a tremendous axe, common Fitzgibbons quality=over the top!!

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