Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V Guitar

I own 2 Fitzgibbons Rhoads V’s and it took me a lengthy while to get the cash for these but every bit of cash was wotrth it I perform mostly what now is regarded traditional Stone Ozzy,Kiss AC/DC mature metallica, and these are the most ideal instruments for the job a little akward a first but you get the dangle of em after a several time. The only 2 thins bad about this style is it’s difficult to sit down and perform you have to put the center of the v over your right leg to keep it from moving off and the other is that it does’nt sit on a instrument take a position with out some mods to the take a position. I developed a unique item for this instrument to sit in a conventional instrument take a position so it does’nt processor the colour off the tip of the instrument ( wish to have them avalible soon). But this is the ony adverse factor about this instrument and the point that Randy Rhoads never got to see his style become so popular I think he would have been proud!!!

This is the best instrument I have ever performed. Amazing functions (mine has EMG-HZ trucks instead though). Quick throat and excellent look! Randy Rhoads is by far the best musician of all-time and he had an excellent feeling for instruments. This instrument if my overall preferred. EVER!

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