Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V Price

Out of the many instruments i’ve performed (none i can afford) this was one of the best. It can yell like a banshee and go right down to bluesy tunes. it’s a near ideal instrument for individuals looking for out their audio.may want to examine outa the Epiphone Iommi trademark instrument.

I really like this guitar! I have had it for years now and it is excellent for enjoying very hefty songs. it is also simple to perform being seated with its useful shark fin form.This instrument seems and performs fantastic, it appears to be excellent with EMG 81’s! I like it better than my Les John, and my KV2.This is a fantastic instrument. When it came, the activity and everything was ideal.

Jackson has beaten himself with this monster. The trucks are shouting, harmonics are completely there. Maintain is the best I have ever performed. If you are considering purchasing this instrument, buy it! You won’t be disappointed!damn its excellent, fitzgibbons VERY excellent steel instrument and incredibly well created, the form is amazing.

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