Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V

This is a very, very top excellent instrument. The only purpose I provided it 9 celebrities for excellent is because of the Seamore Duncans. I’ve changed the trucks with emg 81 and 85, gets for times. If you have the cash and you don’t thoughts the form of the instrument, this is the best instrument (in my opinion) you can get.Note: The throat is very dense, not for little arms.

Looks that yell, maintain for times, and double humbuckers, the RR1 has everything you need to be seen and observed. With prominent mid-range and a chew of highs, due to walnut neck-thru development and an dark guitar fretboard, you can be sure you’ll cut through the group.This instrument also does not experience like a toy– if you fall it, it will take it. My greatest problems are the smooth throat, while quick, seems kind of.. vertical(?). Two overall tone buttons aren’t my factor, but I took proper proper that. Finally, I think the figure (wings) impacts the overall audio outcome so when I’m increased, the instrument overall tone isn’t so strong… but I’m just grateful I have it.

This is the best instrument ever. I have had them all but nothing surpasses skip Jackson! she never allows me down.

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