Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitar Parts

Gibson also joined the arena in ’85 with the introduction of the Soul II XPL, its first instrument with the h/s/s structure. This instrument was actually an equivalent double-cutaway design more similar to a Les John Younger than a Strat, but the trucks and six-in-line go were right. It had a glued-in throat, by the way, and was a fairly awesome little variety.

Gibson produced to the de rigeur balanced out double-cutaway form in ’87 with its U-2 and US-1 designs, both glued-neck instruments with lifeless sharp leads and h/s/s preparations. The U-2 presented actual h/s/s trucks and a Floyd Increased securing vibrato program. The US-1 was more elegant, with a humbucker and two placed humbuckers. The plainer edition presented a Kahler securing vibrato, whereas the elegant one had a amazing flamed walnut top and a stop-tail (about the only actual defect with these is a very wacky shaped nasty logo stuck to the headstock). Neither was particularly well-received, though they are fulfilling as Superstrats with a made the decision Gibson experience.

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