Jackson Guitar Rhoads

The jackson guitar rhoads features handmade neck-thru construction and real pearl shark fin inlays.

Few guitarists have impacted rock music as much as Randy Rhoads. During his days with Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne, Rhoads lit up the heavy metal world with his blisteringly-fast solos and intricate rhythm work. Although he was smallish in size and painfully shy, when the lights went down – Rhoads was a monster. Before the days of twin-guitar glam bands, Rhoads’ endless bag of tricks and classical guitar mastery laid all other “guitar heroes” to waste.

Fate stole one of the world’s greatest guitarists when Rhoads met his tragic and untimely death in March 1982, but the Jackson Randy Rhoads models live on as a proud and distinct reminder of the magic and mastery of heavy metal’s favorite son.

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