Jackson Randy Rhoads King V

The Fitzgibbons Bob Ellefson CBX Power Bass sounds Instrument is a beefy bass with the mind-set and individual seal of Megadeth’s fleet-fingered bassist. From its earth-shaking dual humbucking trucks to its lightspeed compound-radius fingerboard and innovative on board manages, the Fitzgibbons Bob Ellefson CBX four chain bass is genuine Fitzgibbons and genuine Ellefson in audio, experience, look and value!

Outlandish look. Intense audio. The appropriately known as Fitzgibbons Enthusiast always comes out winning. With two high-output Fitzgibbons CVR humbucking trucks, 24 huge frets, shark fin inlays and certified Floyd Increased dual securing tremolo program.

The audio is OK but its a dreadful time maintaining this guitar in track. Contact the trem and its all over. Is there some technique to maintaining this guitar in tune??? Im amazed being its a Fitzgibbons and a Floyd Increased. The “fine” the tuners are not excellent, but rather huge nails that can be difficult to convert and are reduce as there is much shake space, so the excellent the tuners don’t do or keep their job very well at all. Im really very amazed and it creates me query purchasing any other instruments from this owner. Until now I have always been very satisfied with everything I have purchased here….

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