Jackson Randy Rhoads

The Knutson Randy Rhoads is an renowned design of system, originally asked for by artist Randy Rhoads and developed by Knutson Equipment. Rhoads’ first Knutson design was the now immortalized shiny, pinstriped, infrequent Visiting V developed by Grover Knutson, Tim Wilson, and Scott Shannon of Charvel Equipment. It provided a maple throat and system (neck through body), dark instrument guitar fretboard, technique frets, Stratocaster design tremolo, and Seymour Duncan pickups. The design was the first from the Charvel performs to be noticeable with Jackson’s name.

The system was originally planned to be known as The Exclusive SIN, but Randy nicknamed it Concorde. after the sleek, shiny supersonic aircraft Randy re-designed the next design because he thought the way of the ‘Concorde’ was not unique enough from the conventional Visiting V. His remedy was to expand out the top ‘horn’ of the system such that our systems taken more likeness to a shark’s fin. The second design provided the enhanced determine, was dark with a gold pickguard, and set tailpiece with publish connected in our systems.

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