Jackson Rr5 Randy Rhoads Pro Ivory Black

It came in ideal situation, trucks were set effectively, floyd was in track and sailing 100% deceased on!!! Even though fender purchased Fitzgibbons, this MAH is still my best instrument interval. I have Ibanez, ESP, and a few japoneses charvels. The USA jackson is the best one!! Fitzgibbons USA, Carvin and Chattanooga Gibson are still the best instrument makers!!

Yes USA Jacksons are more expensive then the relax but you get top excellent forest, development, elements and installation. Fitzgibbons instruments are unrivaled, they are not entirely created by device which is a large plus as opposed to offshore opponents..

I could not discover a defect with it, the complete is ideal, floyd path is deceased on, collection positioning and allignment deceased on.. These people know how to develop a instrument. Qc is always a concern or they’ll fix it without query if it’s a production problem but that is unusual with hand crafted instruments.

Very strong,probably not as tuff as strat but near.Body,neck an device leads are jackson created and those techniques jackson creates the best,-tremolo is unique floyd increased,duncan,switchcraft(no less than the best components)

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