Jackson Randy Rhoads Jrr 94 Concept

Aspect of my selection is type of classic. I discovered a Destroyer just like my uncle’s. During that interval soon enough, Ibanez was creating a lot of really excellent Gibson duplicates. I discovered a few Traveling V duplicates – they look like korina, but I think they are ash marked to look like korina. They perform and audio excellent. I’ve got two of those that are inventory. But there is one that I type of went insane with. I got it really inexpensive and I had this insane clothing created by a developer who creates things for Bjork and Madonna. He created this outrageous clamshell clothing for me, and customized the instrument to go with it. So it’s protected with pearl jewelry and bright streamers. It’s type of a “glam from the sea” concept.

The awesome factor about classic Ibanez things is it’s not incredibly cost. If I get one that is damaged up, I’m not terrified to do some outrageous things to it, and that is a lot of fun. I’ve got some I really do not want to do anything to because they are in such various forms. But that one had a lot of dents and dings and the throat had been repainted, so I believed I could do some tests with it.

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