Jackson Randy Rhoads JS30 FR

To me, the duplicates drop into two groups – set-necks and bolt-ons. I’ve been fortunate enough to discover some really amazing set-necks. I’ve got a bright doubleneck that looks like Alex Lifeson’s Gibson with 12-string and six-string throat. It appears to be amazing. The 12-string is one of the best power 12s I’ve ever performed. I’ve been fortunate enough to discover some really amazing set-necks. I’ve also got an SG-Custom-style instrument with three humbuckers. That is excellent, as well, and I use it a lot for producing. The V is known as a Bomb Move, and those are all set-necks. They are really excellent equipment. A few decades after that, Ibanez began creating exclusive system designs. Of those, I have a really amazing 12-string Specialist. It does not have a the begining – it’s really awesome. Another exclusive design is the Specialist, which is a solidbody and was created when everybody believed equipment seemed better if they were really hefty and had many steel on them. So this is kind of like that. This one is a ’78 or ’79, laminated with different tinted woods; its throat goes all the way through our bodies and it has some fairly exciting trucks. I think they’re plants in pots. I do not know if anyone was doing that returning then. It’s got a maintain prevent in the link, so the factor is a ton, but it performs excellent. It even has a 50 percent brass/half cuboid nut.

Another one is an Ibanez Entertainer, which I think came in both bolt-on and set-neck variations. I handled to get a PF300 in Late night Olive, which is natural. It has a set-neck, and it’s amazing. It’s Les Paul-ish, but not absolutely strong. Whatever technique they had of creating the a little bit curved top… instead of chiselling a strong wooden, they curved a slim wooden with a little empty part. Some individuals may say it is not the same, but it actually has its advantages; it creates the instrument less hefty, and it has a exclusive audio that’s a little bit like a semi-hollow. So I really like that one. It has an amazing overall tone and it performs really well.

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