Jackson Randy Rhoads Kopen

All cheap parts – Its a “toy” guitar for a beginner maybe, or a beater guitar, but dont buy this expecting quality, or for it to stay on tune. I really wish I could say its great, but I would be lying.

It doesnt stay in tune, there for its not a musical instrument. I have been unable to reach anyone at the seller and I wish to return this Item, but the last day is tomorrow. I called tonight several minutes before their”closing” time and the recording said they were already closed???

So far I have been unable to reach anyone associated with this purchase- seller or manufacturer.It looks kewl and doesnt sound all that bad, but again if it doesnt stay in tune, its not a musical instrument.I thought that if I worked with it and let it break in it might stay in tune but this has turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

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