Jackson Randy Rhoads ltd Guitar

Some of the duplicates they created really amazed me. They created a duplicate of Rickenbacker [model 2388] device that has the same system design as the bass sounds. I always believed that was a really awesome device. I’ve got a ’70s Rickenbacker device with the angled frets, and could not believe Ibanez created a duplicate of that one; I do not think theirs had angled frets, though. I saw one in Malaysia and was ogling over it! But I’ve never seen another. It would also be awesome to get the [Custom Agent] that was kind of Les Paul-ish with a headstock like a mandolin and insane inlays on our bodies, but those were always a bit expensive for me.

Well, this will depend. The hollowbody things requires more to develop, so it’s a more expensive device in common. The 2630 Specialist I’ve got, I think I compensated about $1,830 for that, which was probably the most I’ve compensated for any device. But it was definitely value it. I’ve got so many excellent shades and had excellent fun with that device. For a solidbody, the Destroyer was in ideal form and had expressive value because it advised me of the first device I’d ever performed. I think that one was $900-something. I had discovered it at Guitar Middle decades ago. Those are really my preferred. The Bomb Move IIs and Destroyer IIs, those I’ve been able to discover for anywhere between $450 and $650. That is fairly affordable.

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