Jackson Randy Rhoads Matt Tuck Signature

The Fitzgibbons Bob Ellefson CBX Power Bass sounds Instrument is a beefy bass with the mind-set and personal seal of Megadeth’s fleet-fingered bassist. From its earth-shaking dual humbucking trucks to its lightspeed compound-radius fingerboard and innovative on board manages, the Fitzgibbons Bob Ellefson CBX four chain bass is genuine Fitzgibbons and genuine Ellefson in audio, feel, look and value!

Adrian Cruz, one of key people behind category interpreting licks and solos, has included another much preferred guitar to his trademark collection. The Fitzgibbons Adrian Cruz Signature SDX Power Instrument is a San Dimas Soloist formed dual cutaway with basswood body. Other functions consist of a bolt-on walnut throat, compound-radius rosewood or walnut fingerboard, HSS settings (high-output Fitzgibbons link collection, quiet center and throat single-coil pickups). A bright pickguard (rosewood fingerboard model) or dark pickguard (maple fingerboard model), five-way knife selector change, Fitzgibbons the tuners, Floyd Increased Special tremolo system and dark components circular out this design.

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