Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitars

Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitars

Sound: Sound will take you back to the 80’s thrash metal and death metal, also sounds good on Nu metal and metalcore. sounds good on a cube 40 xl practice amp, and even better on a Marshall JCM2000 with Digitech Deathmetal pedal

Feature: Master tone and master volume controls, 3 way blade selector, jackson cvr2 pickups, fixed string through body TOM bridge, thin and fast necks, shark tooth inlays, very sexy flat Rhoads style, comes with black, infero red and gun metal grey finishes, free gig bag

Ease of Use: just plug and RAWK!… no more no less

Quality: Very sturdy strap buttons, very solid body, shiny glossy finish, solid hardware, tight non locking tuners, the gigbag is waterproof and durable. I believe, that everything and anything, with proper maitenance, will last for a long time.

Value: this guitar will bludgeon, slaughter and torture every guitar on its price range. It is like owning a mid level jackson eventhough its just an entry level guitar, i doesn’t look and feel like one.

Manufacturer Support: i just had this guitar for 3 weeks, nothing is needed to be repaired, but if ever there is, im sure jackson will deal with there customer with excellence.

The Wow Factor: best guitar for, So extreme, so wicked, so evil looking. Defines me and my music with one look. No more no less.

Overall: Im satisfied with this guitar, but there are few things that i wish it had, atleast duncan designed pickups and straplocks.

Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitar

The jackson randy rhoads guitar is built with a high-quality alder body and a pair of Duncan Design humbucker pickups. The HB103B is a high-output ceramic bridge humbucker based on the Duncan Distortion. The HB103N is a hot alnico neck pickup based on the Duncan Jazz. It has a Floyd Rose-licensed Low Profile locking tremolo, 24 jumbo frets, a bolt-on rock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and chrome hardware. Controls include master volume, master tone, and 3-way pickup switch.

Jackson’s compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you’ll play better!

Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom

The Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom is a real players instrument that was made for hard rocking lead work. Only 10 instruments crafted and autographed by Jackson Custom Shop Master Builder Mike Shannon, who was intimately involved in creating Randy Rhoads’ original 1980s black Jackson signature model.

The RR Ltd. features a Rhoads V-shaped alder body, a quartersawn Eastern hard rock maple through-the-body neck with an ultra think profile. The compound radius ebony fingerboard allows for comfortable chording lower down the neck and shredding leads higher up and sports pearl sharkfin inlays. The RR Ltd. Is fitted with Seymour Duncan humbucking pickups and a Tune-o-matic-style bridge with a string thru Rhoads V-plate tailpiece for maximum sustain. Gotoh/Jackson Tuners keep you in pitch and gold hardware finishes off the cool look of this heavy metal beast. Mike Shannon’s signature is on the back of the headstock. Includes deluxe molded case by SKB and a Certificate of Authenticity.

A non-signature version (product # 581865)
of this Custom Shop instrument is also

Jackson Guitars Randy Rhoads

Thirty years ago today (March 19, 1982), Jackson Guitars Randy Rhoads was killed in a tragic plane crash in Leesburg, Fla., robbing the world of a breathtaking guitar virtuoso.

After co-founding Quiet Riot at the age of 16, Rhoads went on to become one of the most influential hard rock guitarists ever, even though his career was cut short at 25.

Rhoads played in Osbourne’s post-Black Sabbath band on the famous 1980 release Blizzard of Ozz and 1981′s Diary of a Madman.

After Madman dropped, Rhoads contemplated the idea of taking a hiatus from rock music to attend a university and study classical guitar. But continuing to tour with Osbourne, Rhoads met his untimely end in 1982.

Rhoads was heading from Knoxville, Tenn., to a show in Orlando when the band’s bus stopped and parked next to a small airstrip. The driver took some of the band members for rides in planes on site, and during one flight with Rhoads and hairdresser/seamstress Rachel Youngblood on board, the plane clipped the tour bus and crashed, killing all three who were flying.

Rhoads was laid to rest at Mountain View Cemetery in San Bernardino, Calif., and his legend continues to be honored in listings of top guitarists and signature instruments.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently opened up about Rhoads’ influence on him to MusicRadar.

“See, I was never a big fan of the whole ‘party-hard-we’re-gonna-rock-harder’ world. I liked music. But I could see myself in Randy, how he was a real student of music,” Morello said. ”The fact that he practiced for hours on end really appealed to me. He was serious, and he wanted only to get better at his craft. When I was practicing eight hours a day, his was the poster I had on my wall.”

“Almost immediately after hearing him for the first time, he became my favorite guitar player. I remember buying Diary Of A Madman when it came out, and somebody at the record store was making fun of me because of the album cover. I had to explain to this person that, while I certainly liked Ozzy, I was really a big Randy Rhoads fan – that’s why I was buying the record.”

Fans will soon be able to cull more insights into Rhoads’ life, as a new Rhoads biography is set to be released this spring by Steven Rosen and Andrew Klein.

The book chronicles an oral history of Rhoads’ remarkable life through those who knew him best and boasts rare photographs and memorabilia.

Jackson Randy Rhoads

Jackson Randy Rhoads Powered by Duncan Design ceramic humbuckers (103 bridge & 103 neck). The HB-103 pickups were patterned after the SH-6 Duncan Distortion set. It uses ceramic magnets and powerful coil windings to deliver a high output tone with lots of crunch and harmonics. Details include chrome hardware and Shark Fin neck inlays

Jackson Guitar Rhoads

The jackson guitar rhoads features handmade neck-thru construction and real pearl shark fin inlays.

Few guitarists have impacted rock music as much as Randy Rhoads. During his days with Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne, Rhoads lit up the heavy metal world with his blisteringly-fast solos and intricate rhythm work. Although he was smallish in size and painfully shy, when the lights went down – Rhoads was a monster. Before the days of twin-guitar glam bands, Rhoads’ endless bag of tricks and classical guitar mastery laid all other “guitar heroes” to waste.

Fate stole one of the world’s greatest guitarists when Rhoads met his tragic and untimely death in March 1982, but the Jackson Randy Rhoads models live on as a proud and distinct reminder of the magic and mastery of heavy metal’s favorite son.

Jackson Guitar Randy Rhoads

The Jackson Guitar Randy Rhoads features an Alder body; bolt-on Maple neck with a compound radius rosewood fingerboard (jumbo frets); and a Jackson double-locking tremolo bridge.
Its Duncan Design ceramic humbuckers use ceramic magnets and powerful coil windings to deliver high output with lots of crunch and harmonics. Details include chrome hardware, and Shark Fin neck inlays.

Jackson Guitars
A Jackson guitar is meant to be played, and played hard. Each of their endorsers and players choose Jackson because they know Jackson builds their instruments just how they want them. Jackson’s instruments are built to handle hard lives on the road, and are ready to take whatever players will throw at them – that’s the just the way it is, and Jackson won’t have it any other way.