Jackson Randy Rhoads Pickguard

Kevin Connection Signature: This design has a mahogany neck-thru system and 22 large frets. It is fixed with a Seymour Duncan “Iommi” humbucker, and flexible string-through-body Schaller fine-tuning tailpiece. The Fitzgibbons logo is system red. He Put Signature; This design has an alder neck-thru system and walnut throat (with headscarf combined go stock), and 22 large frets. It is fixed with an EMG 81 humbucker at the link, and EMG 85 humbucker at the throat. The link is a JT390 flexible string-through-body kind with Sperzel securing die-cast the tuners. This is the only present design with a changed headstock.

The X sequence RX10D has an alder system with a walnut bolt-on throat. The Rosewood fingerboard has 22 frets, and trucks are both Seymour Duncan Developed humbuckers. The link is a Fitzgibbons dual securing tremolo device. The Fitzgibbons X Series also provides the Fitzgibbons RRXT. It has a basswood system with a Through-Body Maple Rate Neck with Tilt-Back Scarf. Pickups: Duncan Designed™ HB-102B Humbucking Bridge Collection and Duncan Designed™ HB-102N Humbucking Neck Collection .

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