Jackson Randy Rhoads Price

Topic for My Valentine second facilities record, Yell Aim Flame, was documented at Sound Hacienda Companies and was created by Colin Richardson. Put mentioned at the time, “It’s a lot more up speed, a lot more aggressive”. The record was launched in the US on 29 Jan 2008. It marketed 53,000 duplicates in its first week and actually peaked at number four on the Billboard 200. Three music were launched as singles: “Scream Aim Fire”, “Hearts Rush into Fire”, and “Waking the Demon”.

In assistance of the new record, the group visited Northern The united states and Sydney in the springtime of 2008 for the Flavor of Disorder trip together with Atreyu, Blessthefall, and Avenged Sevenfold. Topic for My Valentine cut short the North america part of the trip and went home to back up the child of Wayne who was in medical center. The group conducted in Northern The united states again in the summer season of 2008 as part of the No Worry Tour with Blood loss Through, Melanoma Softball bats, and Dark Trend. In delayed 2008, the group visited European countries, backed by Lacuna Coils, Blood loss Through, and Dark Trend. In Dec 2008, Yell Aim Flame was re-released with four extra paths that were documented during the album’s facilities classes, but with re-recorded vocal-lines.

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