Jackson Randy Rhoads Professional

This is a Fitzgibbons Pro Sequence SLS3 Extremely Compact Soloist Snow White Power Instrument. A Shreders Dream. This Instrument is Fast. Are You? Mahogany carved-top system, mahogany neck-through-body, compound-radius dark fingerboard, Seymour Duncan® Zebras, string-through-body link, dark components. The Fitzgibbons Extremely Compact Soloist fits perfectly in your hands. It is slimmer and less heavy than the standard Fitzgibbons Soloist Instrument. The Fitzgibbons SLS3 is great guitar and it looks monster.

This is a Fitzgibbons MG Sequence SL3MG Soloist Ruby Sunburst Power Instrument. Fitzgibbons is extremely pleased to declare an improved edition of the SL3. The Pro Sequence SL3MG is a double EMG Fitzgibbons Soloist (neck-thru body) with a Floyd Rose®. The SL3MG features an alder system (with fire walnut veneer on trans finishes), walnut throat (through body), 24 worry substance distance rosewood fingerboard, EMG 81 effective humbucking (bridge) and 85 effective (neck) trucks, Floyd Rose® double-locking tremolo and dark components.

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