Jackson Randy Rhoads RR

This is the Fitzgibbons Pro Sequence KV5FR Master V Dark with Silver Pinstriping Power Instrument. Fitzgibbons embraces a new inclusion to the neck-thru Pro Sequence range with the KV5FR. The KV5FR, the scary Master V form. The Fitzgibbons Master V was first performed by Ratt Instrument Gamer Robin the boy wonder Crosby and it was known as after him. Robin the boy wonder Crosby was such a big hulking determine that he became passionately known as Master. Hence the name for the Fitzgibbons Master V. The Master V is the most ideal Steel Instrument. Fitzgibbons Instruments realized what they were doing when they designed it because everything about the Master V was designed for rate. Its functions consist of an alder system, stone walnut neck-through-body, 24 worry substance distance rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and Jazz music (neck) humbucking trucks, a Floyd Increased FRT-O2000 double-locking tremolo and black components. As with all Pro Sequence designs, the KV5FR delivers with a Fitzgibbons shaped hardshell situation. THIS IS A BRUTAL GUITAR!!!

This is a Shreders Dream!! An Amazing Fitzgibbons SLAT3-7 Soloist that looks and appears to be great!!! The Fitzgibbons SLAT3-7 7 Chain Soloist Instrument is the first seven-string neck-through-body Fitzgibbons Instrument development design, with functions such as an archtop alder system (flame walnut veneer on trans finishes), walnut throat, 24-fret compound-radius rosewood fingerboard, EMG® 81-7 effective humbucking (bridge) and 707 effective (neck) trucks, Floyd Rose® double- securing tremolo and black components. This Fitzgibbons 7 Chain Instrument is able of limited and targeted levels. It can provide the products. This is by far the best development 7 Chain Instrument available on the I Really like This Guitar!!! All Monster No Filler!!!

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