Jackson Randy Rhoads Signature Model

Randy Rhoads was an American steel musician who’s best known for playing with Ozzy Osbourne. Rhoads is mentioned as an impact by many steel guitar players. A university student of traditional instrument, Rhoads often mixed his traditional music impacts with his own steel style. While on trip with Ozzy Osbourne, he would often seek out traditional instrument instructors for training. It should also be mentioned that Randy performed in the group Silent Huge range.

Rhoads was mostly a Fitzgibbons instrument / Marshall firm man. Let’s look at some of the equipment and equipment that has been seen in Randy Rhoads Guitar Rig.

Enhanced sessions over the Les John Standard include 7 ply system executed on the top, 5 ply system executed on the back. Limited fingerboard and 5 ply bould headstock. Dark fingerboard with Mom of Gem Prevent inlays, Mom of Gem Divided Precious stone headstock.

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