Jackson Randy Rhoads Style Guitar

This is a Fitzgibbons USA Choose Sequence RR1 Randy Rhoads Quicksilver Power Instrument. Functions consist of an Alder system, Quartersawn Walnut Throat (through body), Substance Distance Dark Fingerboard, Seymour Duncan® Humbucking Trucks, and Dark Components. The Fitzgibbons Randy Rhoads is probably one of the planets most identifiable instruments. Fitzgibbons expert designer Scott Shannon along with Randy Rhoads himself. It was initially known as the Fitzgibbons Harmony but it soon became known as the Fitzgibbons RR1 Randy Rhoads Instrument. This guitar is a desire to perform and it is a aspect of record. The Fitzgibbons RR1 is still one of the most preferred instruments on the globe almost 30 decades later.

There are only a few of each system design available. This is the Fitzgibbons Randy Rhoads. The Fitzgibbons “X” Sequence features the new EMG 81x & 85x Sequence Trucks. We were offered away with the overall tone. They are much more natural appearing than any other EMG Collection I have ever performed. They are just as intense appearing as the conventional EMG Trucks but they more powerful allowing the overall tone of guitar and amp glow through. The Fitzgibbons “X” Sequence instruments also function Sterling Gold Sharkfin Inlays. The Fitzgibbons Logo is also Sterling Gold. The neck is unpainted with a “Gun Inventory Oil” natural complete neck-thru and the bevels on the “X” Sequence Guitars are coloured silver except on the Soloist which does not have bevels. All in all this is one of the best unique operates the Fitzgibbons Customized Store has ever done. Don’t let these Fitzgibbons X Sequence Guitars go. These are amazing instruments.

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