Jackson Randy Rhoads 25th Anniversary

On 7 Oct, RCA Songs Team declared it was disbanding Jive Information along with Arista Information and J Information. With the shut down, the team (and all other performers formerly finalized to these three labels) will launch their upcoming content (including their next facilities album) on the RCA Information product. Also in Oct, frontman He Put declared that he will be operating on a new part venture which he has described as “metal as fuck”, affected by groups such as Pantera and Slipknot. On May 1, 2012, it was exposed that the venture will be known as AxeWound and will function Liam Cormier, Scott Kingswood, Joe Copcutt and Jerr Bowld.

In May 2012, it was declared that Topic For My Valentine’s would be enjoying at the Southern Africa music event Oppikoppi. They were scheduled to perform in the nation for the Cola Zero Festival of 2009, but brought out at the last instant to history High temperature.

It was verified on Aug 6th that the ultimate producing period of the group’s 4th facilities history was finish, and that the history would be out sometime in delayed 2012.
Later that 30 days on the Seventeenth, the second line-up for the Australia music event Soundwave was declared, containing Topic for My Valentine’s.