Jackson Randy Rhoads Polka Dot

A powerful device in its own right, the RR5FR hands the popular irregular V-shaped system of the Rhoads with a stone walnut through-body throat, compound-radius rosewood fingerboard, a couple of DiMarzio® Overall tone Zone™ trucks, a Floyd Rose® double-locking tremolo, dark components and a Fitzgibbons device case.

Jackson started in 1980 with the cutting way of what would become the Rhoads device drew on document by the great Randy Rhoads himself. Now, three years later, the unique 30 Birthday RR5FR Rhoads will pay respect to the very heart from which the Bloodline pumps—Randy Rhoads.

Jackson provided heavy information Wed night with the statement of the Randy Rhoads Honor Guitar. Together with the Rhoads’ family, the Fitzgibbons Customized Shop will develop 60 actual replications. of the first Randy Rhoads Fitzgibbons, often termed as the Concorde.


Jackson Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Flying V

As soon as he came returning in Florida, Rhoads approached Grover Fitzgibbons straight about changing his quickly scribbled blueprints into truth, and the relax is record. Rhoads met with Fitzgibbons at the instrument maker’s San Dimas, Calif., store on Dec. 23, 1980; the outcome very soon subsequently was an irregular V-shaped instrument with the end side smaller than the top, neck-through-body development, a bright complete with pinstriping and, for the very first time ever, the name “Jackson” on the headstock.

As the Bloodline enjoys its 30 sonically scary season, Fitzgibbons is very extremely pleased to reveal a very unique unique design of the instrument that began it all, created and developed to honor the occasion—the 30 Birthday RR5FR Rhoads.

Only 150 of these instruments have been made—30 each in five different blends of shades and Fitzgibbons 30 anniversary design (black with red, silver or bright graphics; bright with dark or red graphics). Each of the five variations is hand-numbered 1 through 30 on the returning of the headstock.

Jackson Randy Rhoads 30th Anniversary

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