Jackson Randy Rhoads Tribute Guitar For Sale

Another beginning Strat-style range came from W.M.I. holding the Teisco del Rey name, the ET-440 and ET-220 Elegant instruments (there was a identical EB-120 Elegant Bass). Teisco had gotten nearer to a Strat design with the WG sequence of a few decades previously, but their tubby information certainly was missing the Strat’s beauty. Both the ET-440 and ET-220 were “mini-Strats” with Variety Audio trucks, Framus-style plyboard neck and wood-grained Strat-style leads. The ET-440 had four trucks, the ET-220 had two.

These were provided for several decades as W.M.I. created the conversion from using the Teisco del Rey name to the Kay product, which it had purchased at public auction in ’69. By ’73, the Kay name had became popular and the range moved toward more traditional duplicates, such as Strats. Strat-style instruments would be a main issue with the Kay range going ahead, even as development moved from Asia to The philipines, and then areas beyond.

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