Jackson Randy Rhoads Tribute Relic

While all this duplicating was going on, so was a reasonable amount enjoying with the type, either with regards to style or impressive gadgets.

Among the more exciting attractive modifications was the use of chiselling to improve the body. In ’74, quite beginning in the game, Ibanez presented a group of Strat duplicates with systems designed in Taiwan. These involved the Designs No. 2508-1 Artwood Navigate, No. 2508-2 Artwood Newly and No. 2408-3 Artwood Large eagle. The Navigate presented an intricate monster style, the Newly a lot of results in and fruit in a organic concept, and the Large eagle with an apparent style.

The Ibanez designed Strats survived only about a year, but were replicated in around 1977 by some more dragon-carved Strat duplicates such as the Aria Pro II PE-160 Dragon and another similar instrument marketed by Merson-Unicord holding the Univox product. These were, I believe, similarly short-lived.

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