Jackson Randy Rhoads V Bass

The Fitzgibbons USA Customized Store Smooth Top Cream color Kelly felix KE2T Instrument was presented at the NAMM 2010 show!! We liked this guitar so much that we re-oredered it. This guitar has the immediately identifiable Kelly felix look but is has a “Classic Vibe” to it. It is has a Smooth Top without the regular bevels of the conventional Fitzgibbons KE2 Kelly felix. And to complete it off our bodies, throat and headstock are limited with Turtle Spend executed. Classy!!! The audio is incredible with lots of maintain. Masterbuilder Pablo Santana made the reduces and shapes on the high heel of guitar for simpler entry to the greater frets. The Instrument also has a Mahogany system, 3 Item Mahogany throat (through body), Mom of Gem Prevent Inlays, substance distance Dark fingerboard, Seymour DuncanĀ® PG humbucking trucks, & Tunomatic Link.

This guitar is a one of a kind and it is Masterbuilt by Pablo Santana. So this is some Fitzgibbons Record. Although this is NOT a trademark Chelsea Broderick guitar it does game the Chelsea Broderick Soloist system. For this one Pablo desired a thin and curved high heel that is accessible all the way up the throat. To achieve this there are only 2 noticeable throat products. The other two products are under the throat collection. By doing this the outcome is a very usable 8 Chain that is relaxed to play any identify on the throat. Pablo, once again has designed another work of art.

Other functions consist of a 27″ Range with an Dark guitar fretboard with a substance distance, 24 Frets, Steel Nut, and a 8 Chain Hipshot Set Link with a String-thru style for lots of maintain. The guitar has an Alder Body and Extremely Realized Walnut Top in a monster Calcium Silver Finish. And then to top it all off Pablo packed this 8 Chain Instrument with EMG 808X Trucks.

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