Jackson Randy Rhoads Wiring

John Charvel began out a instrument mechanic in Azusa, Florida, in ’74. Bob Schecter in the same way began out a mechanic in Van Nuys, Florida, in ’75 or ’76 (and there was a very brief interval when Charvel and Schecter were in company together). Charvel began promotion areas in GP in delayed ’76, with Schecter’s ads showing the following season. These purveyors were soon signed up with by Great Mite and Show up. All created customized throat and systems, and sometimes gadgets, so you could create your own guitar… presumably better than Fender because of its reputation/situation and because its equipment applied a bolt-neck technological innovation, Strats were the main equipment encouraged by these companies.

From a production perspective, it was probably Kramer that began to guide styles toward the Strat. Beginning Kramer is best known for its wishbone metal throat, although it would become perhaps the power behind the Superstrat idea. Kramer’s first instrument, the 450G (from ’76), was one of the first new equipment to use something of a Strat form, with balanced out dual cutaways, not as noticeable as a Strat, although with more of a Gibsonish curved reduced round and dual humbuckers. Following Kramer designs would vacillate between Kalamazoo and Florida. Still, it was a preliminary phase in a Strat route.

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